Washing Instructions

Cotton & Linen

This item is able to be washed in the washing machine with a cold water program without bleach. If you have a very strong stain on the cloth, we suggest you treat the stain separately applying the corresponding product and leaving it act for some time. Afterwards, just put the bag in the washing machine and proceed normally with the cold water programe.

Once the bag is washed we recommend to let it dry naturally. You can iron the bags with very hot ironing set up (cotton programe).

Cork Products

The items that contain cork can only be washed by hand. Please don’t put these items in the washing machine (!). It is recommended to place the bag with cork in the sink with the ‘hot water coming out of the tap. Apply the detergent you normally use for your washing machine. Leave it for some minutes and then wring it with your hands. Do not use a sponge or a hard instrument, using your hands is good enough!

(!) If you have a strong stain on the bag, please apply the stain product only on the stain and let it act before you proceed to the full wash. After applying the product, proceed to wash the bag normally.

Washing Instructions cork
After manual wash let dry naturally

Vegan Leather products

The composition of the vegan leather is with cellulose and caucho. Even though the texture looks pretty much like thick paper, the composition is resistant as real leather. It can be folded and washed. The material is 1mm thick.