Waterproof sport bag linen painted green

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Waterproof sport bag linen painted green


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Waterproof sport bag linen painted green


The cotton waterproof sport bag has an extra inside thick canvas fabric. The bag is fully vegan. The two layers of fabric will keep your electronics safe from water and dust. The adjustable straps are 100% cotton and filled in with the same material to make them soft and padded. The total length of the straps is 85cm. The bag has a double sewn to be durable and ready for any weight situation. In the areas with more friction there is an extra sewn. Inside, there is a medium pocket without zipper (size 16 x 24 cm). The big pocket outside is thought to store things that need to be accessed fast like a book, handkerchiefs, cookies, etc. Furthermore, the outside pocket is not waterproof to prevent the accumulation of the water inside and it is open to allow the storage of longer things. Size of the bag: 44 x 36 cm approx.

Washing Instructions

A 13 or 15 inches laptop fits. When you carry heavier things you can make the straps shorter and this will give you a lighter comfort feeling in your back. The empty bag can be folded and carried everywhere, due to its durability and lightness it is great for travels, office meetings and sports. Recommendations: after many washes it is important to re-impregnate with normal spray following the instructions of the product.

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Dimensions 44 × 36 cm