Canvas sport bag with pocket brick orange

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Canvas sport bag with pocket brick orange


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Canvas sport bag with pocket brick orange


Cotton thick canvas sport bag fully vegan and with 8 mm wide cotton adjustable straps and cotton holders on the sides. Inside it contains a medium size pocket without a zipper and outside another big open pocket with a metal snap in the middle. The outside pocket is though to pack the things we need to access fast like a book, a bottle of water, etc. Due to the fact that it is an open pocket, it will allow us to carry longer things like a A3 roll of paper without any issues. The total length of the straps is 85 cm and because they are long, they can be adjusted and made shorter. Size of the bag open: 44 x 36 cm approx.

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It is thought to have enough space for electronics like a 13″ laptop. For personalised orders or if you have a shop and you would like to work with us  please contact us directly to

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Dimensions 44 × 36 cm