Our studio

 In a traditional neighbourhood of Berlin our studio started. We are located in Wilmersdorf, which used to be on the ‘British side’ during the WWII. This means that the buildings are very old, with really high ceilings and wooden floors. As soon as I found this place, I felt totally attracted to it due to the light and the huge windows. I love that you can still see the history nowadays in its walls and floors.

   In our studio we design and produce the bags. Not only we save a little room for that, but we make sure everything is done ‘fair’, like the paper bags we give with the purchase. We even made our logo-stamp by hand! I have to say that was some sort of a challenge, but after some time trying and failing, I made it 🙂

For the special orders I send drawings with the details to make sure I have understood the wishes to bring exactly what it is expected.

Thanks to the lovely light, we can also make our photo-shootings in our Studio. We have to use our creativity not only to design, but also to present a nice layout that potentiate the spirit of a collection. We want to give a frame, and an idea of the intention in which the bags were created. For this, we also use our own plants :D!








    Here, during a photoshoot with our oregano plant. Our space has character, just like our brand. We have carefully collected old pieces of furniture to recycle them, re-use them and give them a new chance to shine in a new place. The green ottoman was collected some years ago and for some time I was not sure what I would use it best for but I simply loved it since the beginning.

I cleaned it and now I am trying to keep it safe from time passing by every day.


   Another important spot of our studio is the ‘Packaging Station’. We have designed a fast way to make lovely packages for you. We have everything we need for the packages categorized and aligned according to the need. This way we can take care of the last details before it reaches your hands.

This also requires our creativity and dedication, because every package is different, just like our customers!

    There is also a symbolic corner where items from different cultures gather together in despite of the thousands of kms and years distancing them. Frida Khalo is a great inspiration for me, as a woman, as a thinker, fighter and specially how resourceful she always was facing the physical disadvantage after the big accident.

We also love cats, and when I decided to start my own small studio my friends gave me the Chinese cat for good luck!

   This was one of the pictures that my friends took of me one of the last times I visited Argentina. We got invited to navigate the Delta Islands on a Summer day. This was a great experience! We ended up in a very old and precarious house in one of the islands where we improvised some meal together. There we relaxed, meditated, enjoyed the sun and shared a lovely afternoon together.

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