About our materials

Our main resource is cotton and linen. We also use for our designs real cork, vegan leather made of caoutchouc and cellulose and vegetable tanned leather.

Due to the fact that it is really not easy to find materials without polyesters or plastic we have to get our fabrics from different countries. We have 80% of our fabric collection coming from Japan. The Japanese culture for fabrics gives a big extra for our collections. They are always looking to produce fabrics without chemicals, respecting the nature and representing their culture in the patterns. For this reason, our collections work very well with Japanese fabrics, but we also have organic cotton from the USA, fabrics from Hong Kong, Perú, Argentina, Germany,  France, Portugal, Greece and some from different places in Africa.

The materials we use have to be washable so we take care that this can be done with cold water washing machine programme or by hand. Having an easy maintenance gives extra functionality to our line. 

The bags are though to carry a lot of weight like the sport bags, the tote bags, etc. are sewn double to assure the long use. We test our bags before selling them so this allows us to describe the bag properly.

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Which materials do we use?

We use every material possible without plastics or polyesters. Cotton, linen or both together are our main materials. We do not use materials like the ‘Ananas leather’ because 50% of this material is plastic. Unfortunately, we can’t use these materials until they find a way to close the pores with a recyclable finish.

Our IDEOLOGY about materials

Cotton is a resource consuming material: it needs to be planted, the soil and plantations need to be taken care of, the cotton flowers need to be collected and processed. Once they are processed, the cotton flowers, the cotton yawns need to be produced and sewn into the cotton mesh. On top of this, the pattern of the fabric needs to be imprinted on the cotton fabric.

The big advantage, is that cotton is very easily biodegradable. All our materials are biodegradable.

What does this mean?

It means that through time our materials will naturally decompose and be part of the nature again. This won’t happen with materials like polyesters, plastics, and what comes from petroleum. There are different contamination levels that materials that come from petroleum can give, some are more harmful than others but they will not disappear naturally and will contaminate the soil and our seas for a very long time.

This is our main reason for developing our brand, to bring harmless options to people for every day use bags and accessories. 

Until now, we do not make our own fabrics, but we focus on the design and manufacture of our goods. We make everything ourselves in Berlin.