Me, the new model

What an adventure it has been to put myself in front of the camera this time. Even though you probably met me already at some event or market and thought of me as an outgoing far from shy person, deep inside I am extremely shy and introvert. How weird, right? I would rather be at my home working on new designs, learning, reading, painting totally submerged in the unknown world where I keep almost anonymous (I say “almost” because with internet everything and everyone is there one way or the other).

Alone at home I had to set up the timer and run to try to get a proper angle for the bags to be seen! I can say that the experiment got good reviews on Instagram and our Facebook page 😀 Here below some examples of the photos made yesterday:

Some were better than others, but this is the kit I used for my “home made photoshoot”:

A tripod: which is vital when you are alone! but also when the light varies and when you take photos at night.

A manual set camera: this gives great depth to the photos and normally you get both files with the RAW info of the file which will allow you to scale the size of the photo in case needed. Also the colours will keep closer to the real ones.

Ideas: what would you like to photograph, what is the intention of the photo (to surprise? to show details of a product? to generate certain feeling?

Extras: depending of the goal of the photoshoot you have to think of the deco and the background. Do you need certain background? Do you need to reinforce the composition of the photo with extra decoration items or are you going to add text to the photos later? In the last case you will have to think of this in advance to let the space free to add text, a logo, etc.

For example in this photo I took the chance to use this piece of art I got from the Spanish photographer Ana Ramos Lavandeira. Here you can see more of her talent for photography: The piece I got from her is made from an abandoned boat in Galicia. She happens to live in one of the most beautiful parts of Spain in front of the wide coast. There many sea treasures can be found and the one I have was transformed into a frame for her photo taken in India some years ago. I think the colours of the piece really added to my photo composition and it was a pleasure to have a talented artist like Ana also on it.