I have started the Studio as a one woman show. My main idea was to bring an option to those who appreciate design, sustainability and that have heart for handmade things still in a global economy where there is too much of everything already.

To be conscious also meant to bring useful things that people can use long, create some sort of relation with the items and in style terms I seek atemporal designs with a personal touch. Having a wide palette of options is important too, because this keeps the individuality of us. This is also the reason why we don’t produce in a massive scale and too many of the same option.

We test our designs to try to make it better and improve every time. Due to our sustainable values, we are committed to make sure that no plastics or polyesters are contained in our materials. The bags are washable, so we would not like to leave particles of plastic in the water.

Reduction of our CO2 pattern

We do not have a car and if you met us in some event or market you probably heard about our adventures carrying our bags around (together with our stand!).

We normally use a big piece of luggage and a big re-usable bag to carry the decoration of our stand. We use most of the time public transportation and we were part of a test made by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt  to try to reduce the CO2 in the big cities like Berlin by using cargo bikes.

We had a good feeling about this option but before getting one, we need to make sure the perfect model for us!


I have studied architecture and visual arts. I always loved painting, creating since young. I have creative people in my family and sometimes living in an unstable country brings a lot of creativity up! The different cultures and languages were always present in my closest circles.  Living in Germany was a big change for me, but I met all the right people with time. I am thankful for that and for the opportunities that I had. I travelled a lot around the world practising one of my personal passions: photography. This helped me to make the photos now to present the brand.