The textile studio is dedicated to design and produce accessories, clothes & Home Deco in Berlin. The use of plastic or polyester is not part of our materials.

It is important for me to produce items with quality that are over all functional and durable. This is core in the values of the project which makes us part of the ideology always in favour of the ecosystem and ecology avoiding the mass production.

The least the world needs is another project that causes more pollution, that is why making durable functional items that you can also wash and re-use is what gave me the encouragement to start my project from zero.- Ana Julia


I studied Architecture and Visual Arts at the University. I always loved photography, literature and cinema which they were always channels to express my creativity.

My family comes from Italy and Austria, although they always spoke Italian more than German. Both my grandmothers are experts in sewing and knitting. I always felt a deep respect and admiration for them.

To learn the secrets for a better sew was always an adorable gift I got from my grandmothers. To pay attention to details, to make things the best way possible always and help others to do so too.

I have lived in Germany for some years now, and this gave me lots of learnings. The one that is helping me big time is that we should have a flexible long term plan with our projects and lives knowing that we belong to a community. To have a wider view and a contemplation about others made me realise the importance of our everyday’s actions. And that is the story amigos, to design helping others have something made with care that they will not see everywhere else and that they can use  for long having lots of adventures with it. What I love about my label is the diversity of countries where my materials come from, to know that the natural materials we use will not interfere with nature in the long run and the feeling of happiness in people wearing our products knowing who made it, where, what is in the items and the direct communication that I can have with them.

Reduction of our CO2 pattern

We do not have a car and if you met us in some event or market you probably heard about our adventures carrying our bags around (together with our stand!).

We normally use a big piece of luggage and a big re-usable bag to carry the decoration of our stand. We use most of the time public transportation and we were part of a test made by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt  to try to reduce the CO2 in the big cities like Berlin by using cargo bikes.

We had a good feeling about this option but before getting one, we need to make sure the perfect model for us!

Profile ph. Lisa Timmermann