About our materials

 As an architect, thinking long term is attached while designing. No matter what I design, one of the core intentions is to define whether something will be a temporary installation or not.  Temporary installations are meant to be seen for a short period of time. Still, they can be so beautiful and fleeting just like a butterfly. No matter how much work we invest, we know that it will be shining for a short period of time. I guess that is like life!

Nonetheless, it happened many times that my favorite bag, t-shirt, pullover, etc sometimes didn’t last long enough. Personally I think, in despite of not being so attached to things, when you use something long enough, it turns into some sort of companion. And of course, we want a long life for our ‘companions’, right?

This is one of the wishes for my brand: being able to design and manufacture ‘companions’ that will be carrying your things in your daily adventures, special moments or trips around the globe. For this reason, I came up with another idea. I realized that the most commonly used artificial materials  made from plastics or polyesters do not tend to last long and they look really not nice after some time of being used.

What happens afterwards? well, let’s say that the most common thing is that we give them to someone or we just throw it away. Plastic, polyester, and unnatural fibres take forever to be decomposed. So, this is the second big and core idea for the brand: to find really resistant materials made with natural fibres for our designs.



Which materials do we use?

We use materials based on natural fibres like cotton and linen. These two plants allow to create materials able to decompose through time and recycle naturally. 

Our IDEOLOGY about materials

 We are always searching for new natural materials for our collections. For this reason, we look worldwide for providers. We are happy to work with smaller providers always, so that we can support them.
For us, it is very important to support our sector, to be able to grow together and make better things  every day.

We combine textiles produced and designed in different parts of the world!